Dear visitors,

Due to recent circumstances, the security provisions in our museums have been strengthened. Please note our house rules.

Booking Tours

We are happy to arrange guides for you for private tours. You can choose between a variety of different themes, general tours and tours of special exhibitions.

Booked guided tours are possible with a maximum of 25 participants. Other group sizes may apply for special exhibitions.  

If you have any questions about guided tours or the booking process, please contact the department "Information and Service" via e-mail or tel. +49 (0)89 238058-284. Thank you very much!


Weekdays and saturdays
60-90 minutes: German language 110 Euros | Other languages 125 Euros (plus admission)

Sundays and Holidays
60-90 minutes: German language 135 Euros | Other languages 150 Euros (plus admission)

Foreign languages: English, French, Italian (other languages maybe possible on request)

In addition to the 90-minute tours, it is possible to book short tours (60 minutes) exclusively for school classes. Please indicate the desired topic (analogous to the regular booking topics) in the comments field.

60 minutes: 80 Euros (plus admission) | foreign languages 95 euros (plus admission) 

Sundays and public holidays 
60 minutes: 105 Euros (plus admission) | foreign languages 120 euros (plus admission) 

Foreign languages: English, French, Italian (other languages maybe possible on request)

All guides work on a freelance basis and are generally paid in cash at the end of the tour. Please note that the currently valid VAT will be added to guides’ fees for tours for companies.


Please use our request form to book a guided tour and send it to our department "Information and Service". Please use our booking form to find out more about the topics we offer. 

Thank you. We are looking forward to your visit and wish you a pleasant stay in our museum!

Contact Information and Service | Education and Learning
Barer Straße 29, 80799 München
T +49 (0)89 238058-284

Register Groups

Group visits are possible with a maximum of 26 persons incl. guides in the large exhibition rooms in compliance with the measures listed here. Excluded from this are some special exhibitions.

We kindly ask that you notify us of your group visit, even if you do not wish to book any tours.
Please send an email containing the following information about your group visit to

  • Date, time
  • Which museum
  • Number of participants
  • Possible theme
  • Contact information

We can only guarantee that the application will be processed if it is sent with a lead time of five working days. If you would like to visit our museums with a larger group (more than 25 people), we require a lead time of approximately two weeks for processing. Please also note that there is a very high demand for group visits at the following times: before and after Easter / the Bavarian Easter vacations, the end of July and the end of September / beginning of October. At these times, a group visit cannot be guaranteed.

When planning your group tour, please note the following binding rules for the three Pinakothek museums, the Museum Brandhorst, and the Sammlung Schack:

  • Please comply with the maximum group size.The same rule applies for school groups; we ask you to split up participants into smaller groups accordingly.
  • Please be considerate of other individual visitors and groups.
  • Please complete your tour 15 minutes before the museum closes.
  • Please notify us of all tours and group visits in writing in a timely manner.
  • At special exhibitions, certain time windows and reduced group sizes must sometimes be observed.

We ask you to advise your group of the following binding rules prior to the beginning of their tour:

  • Please leave bags larger than an A4 sheet of paper, as well as umbrellas, canes, and backpacks in the cloakroom.
  • Smoking, eating, and drinking are not permitted in the galleries or the entrance area.
  • The folding chairs are intended for people who have difficulty standing for longer periods.
  • Photographs for private purposes are permitted without the use of a flash or tripod.
  • Please switch your mobile telephone off.

If you would like to book a guided tour, please use the booking form. If you have any further questions, please contact the visitor service by e-mail or phone +49 (0)89 23805 284.  


Please register the visit of your school group with the Visitor Service. School groups and the accompanying teachers receive free admission to our museums upon presentation of appropriate proof. Guided tours (for foreign-language school groups, for example) can be booked using our booking form.  

If you have any further questions, please contact the Visitor Service by e-mail or phone +49 (0)89 23805 284. 

Orientation and BArrier-free accessibility


Access to museum
Barrier-free access at the main entrance.

On the north side of the Alte Pinakothek. Access from Arcis- and Barerstrasse. 
Please ring at the gate and show your disabled parking permit.

The museum has four lifts. Access to all galleries is guaranteed.

Seating and wheelchairs 
Light, portable folding chairs and two wheelchairs are available. Please inquire at the information desk.

Restrooms for the disabled are on the ground floor.

The cloakroom is on the ground floor.

Guard dogs
Guard dogs and seizure response dogs are permitted in the museum, if they bear adequate identification.

+49 (0)89 23805-216


Access to museum
Barrier-free access from Barer Strasse; alternative access from Gabelsbergerstrasse / corner Türkenstrasse.

Personnel parking area Gabelsbergerstrasse; Please ring at the gate and show your disabled parking permit.

The museum has two lifts that allow access to all galleries.
One lift is located in the rotunda near the museum shop. The lift provides access to the basement, where the cloakroom and restrooms for the disabled are located, as well as to the galleries located on the upper floor.
Another lift is located at the Barer Strasse entrance. This lift only providesd access to the basement and design collection. This lift is also only operated by personnel. Please inquire at the information desk.

Seating and wheelchairs
Light, portable folding chairs and two wheelchairs are available at the information desk.

Restrooms for the disabled are located only in the basement.

The cloakroom is also in the basement. Spacious closets are available for school classes. The key is available at the cloakroom.

Guard dogs
Guard dogs and seizure response dogs are permitted in the museum, if they bear adequate identification.

Tactile map
Tactile orientation map for blind and visually impaired people is available at the information desk.

+49 (0)89 23805-360



The Sammlung Schack with its approximately 150 paintings exhibited over three floors, unfortunately is not accessible to people with disabilities. This concerns both the access to the building via the staircase at the main entrance and the interior access to the three exhibition levels. In order to overcome this shortcoming, the Munich State Building Authority I (Staatliches Bauamt München I) has drawn up a preliminary design, which provides for the installation of a lift system and barrier-free access to the service rooms. The costs are foreseen in the budget for 2017/18. A decision on this is still pending. We apologize for any inconvenience.



Museum Entrance
Theresienstrasse/ corner of Türkenstrasse

Two parking spaces for disabled visitors are provided in front of the main entrance of the Museum Brandhorst.

There are two passenger elevators. These elevators provide access to all exhibition levels (-1, 0, 1). Another elevator connects the entrance foyer (0) with the cloakroom level (-1).

Wheelchairs are available from the information desk on request.

The Museum Brandhorst provides restrooms for disabled visitors in three locations throughout the building: on the upper level beyond the Lounge gallery, on the lower floor near the cloakroom as well as next to the media suite.

+49 (0)89 23805 2286



Dear visitors,

in order to ensure security in our museums, we ask for your support:

  • Please hand in all items you are carrying, such as bags (of any size) and coats, at the cloakroom or deposit them in our lockers.
  • Clothing, bags, or items that may be carried for special personal reasons as decided by the supervisory staff on a case-by-case basis will be inspected for their contents and then marked as checked with a wristband.

We regret the inconvenience this may cause and ask for your understanding in the interest of protecting the artworks and buildings.

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Maaz
General Director Bavarian State Painting Collections

We kindly ask you consider the house rules (PDF), cloakroom rules (PDF) and terms & conditions (PDF) that apply in all our museums. Thank you very much!